Bitrix24 Zapier integration

Connect Bitrix24 to thousands of other services and apps supported by Zapier.

Zapier integration version 2.0

Zapier integration version 2.0 allows Bitrix24 CRM to create, update and delete entities from external third-party services and apps.

The app tracks events when entities are created, updated, and deleted inside Bitrix24 CRM.    The search feature is now available inside individual CRM entities.

You get support for custom user fields, multiple fields with phone numbers, emails, website, and messenger links.

The new version is also capable of assigning stages and statuses to Bitrix24 CRM entities.

Work with CRM


Trigger actions in other apps and services when creating, editing, or deleting leads, deals, contacts, companies, or invoices in Bitrix24.


Create, update or delete leads, deals, contacts, companies, or invoices in Bitrix24 as a result of actions in other services or apps.

Work with Tasks


Trigger actions by creating, updating, and deleting objects inside Bitrix24.

E.g., you can automatically send an email after a deal is won.


Create, update or delete objects inside Bitrix24 as a result of actions in other services or apps.

E.g., create a task automatically when receiving an email.

Work with Communications


Create messages in the Bitrix24 feed and send notifications.


Steps to building your first Zap:

1. Install one of the Zapier integration apps from Bitrix24 Market:

2. Follow a corresponding invitation link:

3. Click the "Accept Invite & Build a Zap" button and log in to Zapier.

4. Click the “Make a Zap” button in Zapier and start configuring your Zap.

5. Select a Bitrix24 to Zapier integration app where you need it, enter your Bitrix24 account URL (with the HTTPS prefix) and log in.

Now you're ready to experiment!

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